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Addiction Doesn't Have to Affect the Whole Family

Jimmy Weiss' Greatest Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Books

During each intervention, Jimmy Weiss provides recommendations to each family allowing them the opportunity to gain as much knowledge as possible even without Jimmy’s presence.   

Top Ten Family Readings

Similar to the recommended books, prior to each intervention, Jimmy sends families pdf documents of readings that are geared towards educating families on addiction prior to meeting with Jimmy.

Top Ten Sayings

With 23 years of recovery under his belt, one fun thing Jimmy has become known for are his classic sayings that have made him popular among the recovery community.  Here are a few…. 

Top Ten Addictions

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is commonplace among all ages throughout the United States.  Click the ‘read more’ button to find out the top 10 (in no particular order) as well as what symptoms to look for if you believe a loved one is using.

Ambra, Joshua, James, and Mia with Jimmy as babies
Ambra, Joshua, James, and Mia with Jimmy as babies

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