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Addiction Doesn't Have to Affect the Whole Family

About Jimmy Weiss Interventions

With 23 years free from active addiction, Jimmy Weiss brings a wealth of knowledge to the recovery community focusing on how addiction affects the family not just the addict.  Jimmy uses his previous personal struggles with his family and addiction to relate on a one-on-one level with each of the families he works with.  Jimmy believes the primary intervention is on the family because though the addict may choose to deny the help, the family does not have to suffer the consequences of the addiction

About Interventionist Jimmy Weiss

Interventionist Jimmy Weiss spent his early childhood years in Pasadena, CA when at a young age expressed his anger towards anyone who he had contact with. Soon after, Jimmy would spend several years in and out of jail from alcohol and drug abuse in both California and Baltimore, MD before moving back to California to seek treatment in Indio, CA. Jimmy has used his experience over the last 23 years of sobriety to educate families and addicts on both the consequences of using and gifts of being sober including spending time with his daughter, Ambra, son Joshua as well as his two grandchildren, James and Mia.

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