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Addiction Doesn't Have to Affect the Whole Family

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Jimmy Weiss

Interventionist Jimmy Weiss spent his early childhood years in Pasadena, CA when at a young age show his anger towards anyone who he had contact with. In and out of jail and juvenile hall from alcohol and drug abuse, Jimmy relocated to Baltimore, MD hoping for a change. Instead, 18-year-old Jimmy would choose heroin and the streets of Baltimore before serving several years in prison during the 1980’s.  Shortly after his prison term, in what would become his final run, Jimmy would overdose and die while in a coma for before surrendering and admitting to ABC Recovery in Indio, CA in 1998. After 9 months in treatment, Jimmy would reconnect with his then 13-year-old daughter who has since named her son James, after Jimmy.

In 2001, Jimmy applied for and accepted a job at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA where 3 years later would be handpicked by CEO Mike Neatherton to become Patient Advocate. Jimmy pioneered and implemented this position using his unique skill set to encourage and motivate clients to remain in treatment in the hopes that they would stay long enough for the miracle to happen. Since the time of its inception, the concept of client advocacy has been incorporated in countless treatment centers across the country.

In 2015, Jimmy went on to create the Patient Advocate department at Northbound Treatment Center in Orange County, CA.  Also, in 2015 he received his 2nd greatest accomplishment with the birth of his second child Joshua. During his entire 20+ year career working at treatment centers, Jimmy has always used the opportunity to intervene on families by coaching them to spot the signs of manipulation and when tough love is necessary so it came as no surprise that he would go on to become an interventionist full time after leaving Northbound in 2020. 

Of all the lessons Jimmy has learned, choosing drugs over his then 2-year-old daughter, Ambra, remains his biggest regret and a testament to the hold addiction can have on an individual. This decision ultimately cost Jimmy 10 years of fatherhood and as he reflects on that decision today, it has become the one thing that he hopes no parent should ever have to endure. This painful experience provided Jimmy a mission in life to help others and is the reason behind his 23-year drive to help others overcome addiction and stay sober especially when they become an AMA/ACA threat wanting to leave treatment. Jimmy brings a wealth of knowledge to the recovery community leaning on lessons from his own struggle with addiction, including the consequences and effects on his family to educate staff, patients, and families on alcoholism and addiction.

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