Family Interventions

Types of Addiction Situations in the Family

When addiction to alcohol or drugs is a factor in family life, it introduces a new level of stress and disunity. It may be time to get help with an intervention. Jimmy has years of experience and can help you.

  • A parent with an addiction affects the entire family
  • A spouse or partner struggling with addiction affects the other partner
  • A parent with an addiction issue directly affects their children
  • A child with an addiction problem introduces a new level of stress to both parents and siblings

This is not to say that addiction creates a hopeless situation within the family. With the right coping skills, supportive strategies, and interpersonal tools, the family can serve as a great source of support for the individual struggling with addiction. To begin with, you can take a short quiz if you are unsure whether or not your family member or loved one is struggling with addiction.

To take on this role, it is important to understand the effects of addiction on the family in the first place. With this in mind, we outline some of the major effects of addiction on the family unit before turning to what can be done to minimize these effects.

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